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About Us

Feeding Your Hearts As Well As Your Body

Jessica Briles is founder and chef of Triple J Road Trip and Flantastic Chocolates and Bakery. Both located in the beautiful Matanuska Valley, Alaska. While not originally from Alaska she is proud to call it home since 2007. 

Jess has seven children and is the proud Mimi of 8 grandchildren. Jess and all 4 of her sons and their spouses live in Wasilla, Alaska. While her three daughters and their spouses live in California and North Carolina. 


Our Story

Our story started over 50 years ago with Chef Jess sitting on a stool in her grandma's kitchen. Watching as her Nannie prepared Sunday Dinner for the huge family that came over every Sunday. In the summer time we barbecued outside and in the winter everyone gathered in the small farmhouse. I grew up poor by most peoples standards but I never felt poor gathered around huge tables with all my aunts, uncles, cousins and of course my Nannie and Grandpa. There was so much love and you could taste in every morsel of food!

After I grew up and moved away I began feeding friends, family and neighbors. I catered large and small events everywhere I lived. I also watched and listened to other chefs. home bakers and cooks. Learning cultural foods from whoever I had the pleasure to meet. From Texas to Georgia, Alaska, Hawaii and Missouri you will taste the knowledge and love in every dish prepared from my kitchens.

When I returned to Alaska in 2014 I began baking cupcakes stuffed with all different flavors of homemade flan, (I learned from a 72 year old Cuban man in Florida). They were a hit and when my son Ryan exclaimed they were, FLANtastic, my business, Flantastic Cakes and Catering was born. 

In 2018 my biggest dream became a reality when I opened a full restaurant, Triple J Roadhouse with my family. It was my dream come true! Everything was going great and people were coming from all over to try our restaurant. A year later in 2019 we added on a bakery.  In 2020 due to the Pandemic we moved Triple J to Wasilla. 

After the pandemic staffing was hard to find and keep. Like many small businesses we were forced to close when we were either ill or short on staff. We were the staff.  I realized I was no longer doing what I loved. I was no longer able to just cook and feed the community. I felt as though I was always operating in survival mode. I wanted to be preparing old favorites and creating new items to watch the delight on peoples faces as the bit into the newest item.

Our family dynamics changed in 2022 as did new opportunities. In July of 2022 my son Jackson decided to close the brick and mortar and bought a food truck!! We are still offering fantastic homecooked meals and desserts everyone came to know and love. Now we are more flexible in what we prepare and days and hours of operation.

  Here at Triple, we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to your food and service. In doing so, we’re able to offer our customers high-quality food on-the-go at reasonable prices. If you’re feeling tired-out from all of the options, the choice is simple. Choose the best. Choose Triple J. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok to see what our specials are and where to get them! 

Meet The Team

Where to Find Us

Triple J Road Trip and Flantastic Chocolates and Bakery will be at locations throughout the Matsu-Valley. There will also be deliveries and pick up orders from our home base in Wasilla. Possibly other 3rd party delivery services. 

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